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Our mission is to explore and sharpen the hidden Talents in the student. The students are the Property of the Nation. They are the Force and the Strength of the Nation. By teaching them the FOCUSED-CONCENTRATION we, intend to chisel and matrix their Mental Strength to contribute to make a powerful and >> UNIQUE INDIA..!

Dr. J.R.Singh, is a renowned hypnotherapist, past-Life regression expert, Mind-Conditioning Expert and Motivator. He has experience based knowledge of more than 47 years. During these long years of his practice in HYPNOSIS he has explored that it is the power of sub-conscious mind which is the Store-House of Memories of all the births and rebirths one has gone through (which is endless); reflects upon the overall personality of a person.
If, the Thought Process of the person at the stage of Student Life is changed, he/she can do wonder and the mind-set of the students can be customized.
The is introduced to materialize this very VISION.

Concentration is The key

We teach you how to achieve

Other Activities

  • Time Management.
  • Organizing Tasks.
  • Scheduling the School Calendar.
  • Creating to-do List.
  • Developing Self-Discipline.
  • Concentration Learning by Self-Hypnosis.
  • Active Memory Developing by Self-Hypnosis.
  • Creating Motivation.
  • Overcoming Stress, Anxiety, Depression.
  • Setting Realistic GOAL for Study.
  • Learning SELF-HYPNOSIS in One Hour.

Ways To Increase Concentration
We can divide strategies for improving concentration into two categories.
Each category can include things like improving study environment, following a study routine and     developing.
realistic goals.
Study Environment.
Distraction free.
Conditions are conducive.
Materials you need for studying are present.
Structure for Study Sessions.
Develop realistic goals for the study session.
Decide the order in which you will complete tasks.
Plan a reward.