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Our Treatment Mathod

The method of treatment is to scan the Mind-set (Thought-Process) of the student and to screen and weed out the harmful and gloomy thoughts by hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, mind-conditioning, thought-management, and other such methods. In To-days Social set-up almost every second student is facing some mental -stress/problem. Dr.J.R.Singh, will then plan sessions designed to help you make the desired changes that have been identified after discussion with the student. The Treatment will start, when you will agree a course of treatment and the probable number of sessions required (normally 5-10) to achieve your objectives. There will also normally be an opportunity for you to experience briefly getting into 'trance.' The progress of the problem will be discussed in every subsequent session to monitor the required results.


Hypnotherapy is the most safe and gentle process, that relaxes the body, brain heart and soul. No Drugs are used and there are no unwanted side effects. It is simply an opportunity for you, with the guidance of an experience based hypnotherapist to influence your own sub-conscious mind while in 'trance'.
Almost all of us experience trance every day. We describe it Day-Dreaming or being on 'Auto-Pilot'. It is very pleasant state when our concentration and creativity are at their Peak. And we are wonderfully relaxed and nearly ready for sleep.
It is probing into our own inner-consciousness. It is safe and does not have any adverse or side effect. On the contrary, it washes off all the unpleasant 'impacts' on our psyche and soul. So, there is no reason to fear with.

Dr. J. R. Singh is a world renowned expert in the field of personality transformation, time regression therapy (Past life therapy), thought motivating, holistic healing, mind conditioning and healing of all sort of psychosomatic problems and phobias.