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All the problems pertaining to the students, such as lack of concentration, lack or loss of memory (amnesia), lack of motivation, mind-wavering (hyperactivity of the brain), attention deficit disorder(scattered or fragmented attention), lack or no interest in the study, behavioral problems, breaking of bad habits, sexual problems, sense of guilt, anxiety, examination/interview phobia, mind hang at the time of examinations and other related problems are successfully treated by hypnotherapy (hypnotheraptical ) counseling); which is most effective and safe as, it is drugless and have to unwanted side effect. On the contrary it is most gentle and soothing for body, brain, heart and soul.

Student may develop photographic memory, pin-point Concentration and amazing self-Confidence by self Hypnosis, As concentration brings memory and memory brings knowledge, knowledge bring confidence and confidence wins the world. Anyone who learns self-hypnosis can achieve all of his/her personal goals by giving suggestions to himself/herself.

We, at student intend to create awareness in the students about their Mental Abilities to become a Vivekananda, an Einstein, Thomas Addison or Kalam. The key is: Focused- Concentration; and that is what we teach here. Everything you need; lies deep within yourself and all you have to do is just to visit your own inner-consciousness; the real you and retrieve anything and everything you visualize or dream. Just visit us and we will make your dreams materialized just in the training of one single hour. This Training of one hour will be a tool for whole of your life and will bring about a total change in your Thought-Process, mentality, esteem and spirit. You will be changed in TOTALITY. The training and learning is guaranteed and the result is 100% subject to your practice.

Dr. J. R. Singh is a world renowned expert in the field of personality transformation, time regression therapy (Past life therapy), thought motivating, holistic healing, mind conditioning and healing of all sort of psychosomatic problems and phobias.

Creative Visualization Is The Key To The Personality Transformation